Chili Mango

30,00  inkl. MwSt.

Fresh, fun, flavorful, and full of nutrients – try this smoothie and you will taste the difference!All ingredients are produced from local vendors and prepare orders as they are made. You’ll taste the extra time and care we put into using the best ingredients and methods to make your menu items.

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Try an elixir from Juiceria Smoothie Bar & Café and discover the difference yourself! Using a patented two-step cold press to extract delicious, flavorful, and nutrient-laden juice from fresh produce, the cold-press method helps preserve more nutrients and vitamins than other method. Not only do the juices taste better, they are a healthier, nutrient packed alternative to any other bottled beverage of choice. We’ve taken our carefully prepared juices and selected the best tasting recipes for our menu for an optimal kick of flavor, pack of nutrients, and vibrant color!


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